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   ACZ 101 Spider
Spider 101
   ACZ 101 Spider Junior
ACZ 101 Spider Junior
   Silencer for air weapons

Single shot competition air pistol ACZ-101 Spider Junior

The ACZ-101 Spider compressed air pistol is intended both for sports shooting and competition shooting complying with the ISSF regulations. New ergonomic design of grips available in different sizes and low weight of the pistol make it ideal for both junior and senior shooters.
Caliber: 4.5mm / .177"
Weight: ~ 0.8kg
Overall length:   210mm / 8.0" (w/o compensator)  
Trigger: Adjustable stop/weight/length (all 1st and 2nd stage)
Aditional weights Aditional accessories
Muzzle velocity: ~ 135 ms-1
Accuracy c-t-c (10m):    < 2mm / < 0.079"
Energy source compressed air (200bar)
Shot energy: 4.56J
Cartridge capacity: cca 110 shots

Barrel and compensator
Our custom-made top-quality barrel is made by the German company Lothar Walther. In combination with 12 grooves, choke and the compensator it gives the spider unique, almost unmeasurable grouping at 10m.

Front and rear sights are fully adjustable. Rear sight can be set by micrometric screws, horizontaly and verticaly. Width of the rear sight can be simply set by turning a middle excentric screw in range from 2,9mm to 3,8mm.

Front sight can be also set. Its triangle profile can be turned and set to 3,5mm/4,2mm/5mm. The distance between front and rear sight can be shortened as well.

Direct loading system
Simple and effective loading system designed to improve accuracy and reliability. The trigger system allows easy dry fire operation.

Trigger system
The two-stage trigger system is constructed to fit any shooter. All of the parts in the trigger are fitted on miniature bearings. The system of setting screws provides you with the possibility to set everything you need on Spider. You can set: 1st stage weight, free travel, trigger drop, 2nd stage weight and 2nd stage travel. You can also set, back and forth, the position of the trigger finger piece.
Grip adjustment
New ergonomic grip design easily fits any hand and is available in three sizes (S,M,L), and for the lefthand in the M size. The grip can be turned in its longitudal axis up to 5° and also in its lateral axis by another 5°.
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